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07/10/2017 Its not them, its you!




06/26/2017 Releasing the EGO 




06/19/2017 Setting yourself up for the best





06/12/2017 Detaching from the old "You"




 06/05/2017 Playing Big




05/30/2017 Now is the best time





05/22/2017  What are you Empowering?




05/15/2017 Releasing Control




05/08/2017  Getting over yourself





05/01/2017 Practicing forgetfulness






04/24/2017 Disconnection from Self





04/17/2017 Taking life Personally




04/10/2017 Who are You?





 04/03/2017 Accountability 





03/27/2017 What are you Feeding





03/20/2017 Living your Authentic Self






03/13/2017 Learning to Receive




03/06/2017 Learning to Love Yourself Better!






02/27/2017 Who do you want to be today?


02/20/17 Awareness and Buoyancy 


02/13/17 Awareness and Paying Attention  


02/08/17 Intro to Mindfulness