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Small Willow Flower Herb Benefits

publication date: Feb 24, 2017
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Once I received a letter from a family man in which it said, I quote: "I beg you to show me a way back to health and give my family back their healthy father." Before, he had related his story: In 1961 a chronic inflammation of the prostate gland became acute through bathing in water containing radium. He went from one hospital to another, no doctor operated on him, he was in despair. Every time he had a bowel movement, there was pus and blood in the stools. Due to the many medications he developed duodenal ulcers, serious liver disorders and the valuable intestinal bacteria were destroyed. He became very sick and, on the doctor's orders, had to stop all medication. Then he was, as he wrote, operated on electrically. Despite the operation the inflammation did not clear up. Medications and injections worsened his condition again. Then he started to drink Stinging Nettle tea and a special tea for bladder trouble, which improved his condition so far that he was able to go back to work. He could have spared himself all this suffering had he but known the Small Flowered Willow-herb which can cure disorders of the prostate gland.

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